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Websites on a budget and free do-it-yourself options

With more than 10 years experience developing a range of websites in Canberra and Albury, I can help you get your business online with a minimum of fuss.

Or if you're just looking for some advice to get started by yourself, see my DIY guide to building a website.

PC recycling and buying a used computer

If you just need a computer for general home use, buying a brand new one might not be the best option.

Check out my PC recycling section for tips of buying a used PC or contact me to recycle your old PC.

General PC services and training

If you need a computer problem fixed fast, I can help. I'll not only fix the problem first time, I'll show you why it happened and help you avoid it happening again.

You can also use my DIY tips for PC repairs and maintenance to diagnose and fix problems yourself.

Running your PC more cheaply

With power bills going up, one of the easiest ways to save a bit of money is to make a few simple changes to your computer to make it more efficient.

How to lower the cost of running your PC

Using an efficient power supply

Just like home appliances that have a star rating, the power supply inside a computer also has an efficiency rating.

How to make sure you have an efficient power supply
Paying the best price for your new PC

Prices for PCs can vary greatly from machine to machine and from store to store, so it’s important that you know that you’re getting value for money.

How to figure out what you should pay